June 7, 2016

Dear Doris, Gion and Steffi,

We visited your cute little restaurant last week for lunch. The six of us, me, my wife, my daughter, her husband, and their twin girls. We totally enjoyed your meal, particularly the sausages and beer. 

During the wait, I made this sketch and colored it upon return. One color - sausage color. I thought you may enjoy seeing it. So, here it is.

Auf Wiedersehen.

Carton Chen

February 4, 2015

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German-Swiss Restaurant Invades Dahlonega

Left: Gion Giossi, Center: Steffi Scherhans Right: Doris Giossi
Bratzeit is truly a family operation.
(Photo by Joshua Snead)

Normally for those living in Dahlonega, Georgia, the closest place any one might associate with the Deutschland would be 40 minutes away in Helen, Georgia. Recently however, the new restaurant Bratzeit has changed that, bringing German and Swiss foods much closer.

A family trio, comprised of Steffi Scherhans, Doris Giossi and Gion Giossi, run the casual restaurant serving German-inspired items like schnitzel, bratwurst and fleischkaese (german meatloaf) alongside Swiss meals like kase (cheese fondue) and schokolade (chocolate fondue).

The desserts at Bratzeit, like the apple strudel, are not to be missed.
(Photo by Joshua Snead)

In addition to the main meals, Scherhans also provides some great desserts, made from scratch, like apple strudel, black forest cake, macaroons and truffles.

The German and Swiss approaches lie in the family’s roots. Both Scherhans and her mother Doris are originally from Stuttgart, Germany while Gion Giossi comes from Switzerland.

After visiting North Georgia on vacation, the three quickly developed a love for the area and realized the potential for establishing their restaurant. With a phone call from a realtor shortly after their vacation last September, the family seized upon the opportunity to bring their food to Dahlonega, GA.

A lunchtime crowd enjoys the newly opened Bratzeit.
(Photo by Joshua Snead)

“This is new but it’s fun.” explains Scherhans, “My mom loves to cook, I love to bake so now we do it for a living.”

Though I have very little experience with German food, the schnitzel, fried potato slices, apple strudel, macaroons and truffle that I tried (that’s a lot of food, but it all sounded so good), attest to the talent these three have brought to Dahlonega.

If you’d like to give Bratzeit a try with a special someone, for St. Valentines Day, they are planning a Swiss celebration by offering their  fondues at a special price.


German Beer and Authentic German/Swiss Food.” How could you not?
(Photo by Joshua Snead)

Bratzeit is located at 77-A Memorial Drive, across the street from the Dahlonega Pharmacy.


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